Hope for Heroes is the umbrella program for services provided to active military, veterans, and their families by the Samaritan Center, an interfaith non-profit organization located in Austin, Texas. For nearly 40 years, the Center has been promoting hope, healing, and wholeness for children, adults, families, and communities in Central Texas. The Samaritan Center staff is sensitive to spiritual issues but does not impose religious concepts or beliefs on the people it helps.


Support for Hope for Heroes is provided in part by a grant from the Texas Veteran’s Commission Fund for Veterans’ Assistance, which provides grants to organizations serving veterans and their families. Funding for these grants comes from a portion of Veterans scratch-off lottery ticket sales. Funding is also provided through generous individual and corporate donations. Those interested in supporting the Hope for Heroes program directly may make a donation through the Samaritan Center donation page or by contacting the Center for more information.


The Samaritan Center is accredited by the Samaritan Institute in Denver, Colorado, and is part of an international network of Samaritan Centers with more than 400 offices in 35 states and Japan. Each center is owned and operated as a not-for profit organization by its own local Board of Trustees. The work of Samaritan Counseling Centers has been acknowledged by the American Medical Association, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, the President’s Commission on Mental Health, and major religious denominations.